Carlos Nunez UK August 2015 – “Music that smiles with every note”

When I first wrote the phrase “Music that smiles with every note” it was to describe the effect experienced by audiences around the world to the music of Carlos Nunez,  the Galician multi instrumentalist of world renown who, with his signature instrument the Gaita (Galician bagpipes), has played many of the most acoustically acclaimed auditoriums in the world, linking cultures and continents with Celtic music.

To hear Nunez play live is a treat for all the senses and always a fiesta of collaborations with local musicians, dancers, choirs, orchestras and audiences. In fact the audience reaction brings the performance to a crescendo of emotions, passions, energy and pride. So this summer when we, at Chapel Sessions Music were given the opportunity to host Carlos Nunez and his band at two completely different venues in Hampshire UK one, our Chapel Sessions venue at Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley and the other a major UK music festival we grabbed the opportunity with both hands and endeavoured to make a feast for all the senses, both through music, images and food and drink from Galicia, the region in northern Spain where Carlos comes from. We contacted Galician tourist offices for posters maps and brochures about the beautiful region which is at the heart of the music and traditions that Carlos and his band portrays so evocatively through music. Albariño wine from Galicia was kindly provided by Vina Moraima and a selection of regional tapas foods purchased from Brindisa foods went down a treat including the legendary Galician Padron peppers served hot and sprinkled with sea salt provided the perfect prelude to an evening of unforgettable music from Carlos and his band.

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